On Tap @ BT Beer Projects

Pint Log
1 Beerl Label

1.087 OG

1.03 FG

29 SRM

0.37 BU:GU

32 IBU

#56 - Remedy & Rumor

Wee Heavy

Beer styled after Gread Divides Claymore. Remedy is the first keg. Rumor is barrel aged and will be kegged second. Truly hipstir logo (upper frame is from Brian's 2016 Trek Remedy and lower frame is from Lisa's 2016 Specialized Rumor)

2 Beerl Label

1.044 OG

1.013 FG

37 SRM

0.55 BU:GU

24 IBU

#55 - Barliman Ale

Dark Mild

BIAB beer was going to be too stong, but effeciency was low so this is about right on. Uses WLP28 Edinburgh yeast to be a yeast starter for #56

3 Beerl Label

1.059 OG

1.012 FG

29 SRM

0.49 BU:GU

29 IBU

#54 - Fourteener S.A.R.

Cezch Dark Lager

Second attempt at a Dark Lager. This one isn't as smooth as I was hoping for. A little Search And Resucue is needed. Maybe time will mello things out, but next time I might look for a softer water profile and slighly less IBUs. Good nonetheless

4 Beerl Label

1.101 OG

1.031 FG

88 SRM

0.51 BU:GU

52 IBU

#45b - Pandy

Imperial Baltic Porter

Baltic Porter aged in homebrewer's used whiskey barrel. 2nd keg is strongly oaked after being in the barrel for way too long.