Repeater bridge is now setup

I’m happy to say that I just got a repeater bridge setup using DD-wrt on both routers.  In the garage and in one bedroom the wireless signal from the main router doesn’t come in very well (or not at all).  this is particularly troubling since I plan to use some old phones as IP webcams to watch my beer ferment whenever I finish my fermentation chamber.

I read a lot of sites and watched several YouTube videos and failed many times.  Though I’m sure most sites were right I think the problem that I had was the encryption between the main router and the repeater router. Many blogs recommended getting the connection to work without without and then one that works setup the encryption.

I did a similar thing as many sites but with a one twist. Rather that have the repeater router connect to the main router over the real wireless lan (wl0), I setup a virtual lan on the main router. This allowed for a few nice things. First, I spent a really long time trying to get it setup directly to the wl0, jumping straight into an AES+TKIP link, and could never get it to work.  Secondly, once I went this route  I could mess with the setup without impacting the normal network with a few exceptions. This also allowed me to do the setup without turning the normal wireless into an unencrypted link.  Also, now my bridge link is hidden so I should really have any thing else using this link.

When I set this up I followed this YouTube video pretty extensively which for the changes of using a virtual lan on my main router the instructions are good.  When I got things connected I started with the AP_Bridge being visible and no encryption.  I then added the encryption and things worked.  I suppose I could have tried AES+TKIP, but I was happy with what I had working given that I spent a really long time prior to this.  Once that worked I hid the AP_Bridge.  To test things out I reset the Repeater_Bridge and it was able to connect just fine.    A quick check in the garage shows a strong signal from the repeater bridge and I should be set to go now.



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