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I am moving to a newer Win 11 machine and installed my old Office 2007. I REALLY don’t want an annual subscription and 2007 is good enough. Anyways, my brewing spreadsheet has some active X buttons that no longer worked when running on the new machine. Since Office 2007 is out of service it took a bit to figure out. In the end I found some recommendations to get “Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool 1.2” to scan for issues. Of course Microsoft doesn’t have a link anymore, but I found one with a simple google search.

After running a scan it said I didn’t have two updates and was able to get taken to pages where I could download the update. After installing the first one Windows said it was already installed. But the second one went through an installation. After that Active X controls are working again!

Links to the updates I tried


Our Breville BCG800XL coffee grinder started jamming up and we love/need our coffee grinder. After a bit of searching I came across a website indicating that an internal part can wear down over time. I think we have had our grinder for 10+ years so this seemed like the most likely cause. I bought a new 3D printed part and followed the directions from Ben’s instructions and I’m happy to say we are back in business. Thank you so much to the work out into the directions and 3D part.

An image of the worn down part sitting on top of the 3D printed part.

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I had been using Raspberry Pints ported over to my windows server for a while. Getting it installed was a hack job and the database calls never worked right. After upgrading my database and PHP, my Raspberry Pints install stopped working and a reinstall didn’t work either (I was hoping that my upgrades eliminated the need for my hacks, but no luck). Raspberry Pints hasn’t been updated in a few years so rather than figuring out how to do another hack install, I started searching for other options. I came across Kegerface which looked nice and rather than using database is just reads simple csv file.  This worked out of the box, but I kind of liked the Raspberry Pints display better.   This inspired me to mix the simplicity of Kegerface with the display of Raspberry Pints. I started with the raspberry pints code base. Then I cut out the database calls and added in a file read scheme. With a few more tweaks the first working version is online. There is more to do. The code is still messy with old code commented out and random test lines also commented out. Also, I’d like to change up the style.css a bit, but I’m also happy with what is working now.  I’ve named it Simple Pints and posted to to share just in case there is someone else who might find it useful.  Here is my running version


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I ran into issues with the latest phpmyadmin. seems like there is a real bug in 4.9.2 that won’t let cookies work at the moment. I tried a lower version, but had different problems. I’ve been providing some feedback through Issue #15634. In the meantime, I’ve turned to Adminer. It’s a single small php file and worked first time. Given the hours I’ve spent with phpmyadmin and the limited need I have to edit the SQL database, Adminer is my new goto tool


After the PHP Upgrade I noticed that PHPmyAdmin wasn’t working. After messing around with this a bit I decided to go ahead and upgrade MySQL to 8.0. Things have changed a lot since I did 5.5, but after getting the new installer things went ok. I failed the first time at importing the old database into the new one so bad that I ruin the root login. After an uninstall and clean install I successfully migrated the data with the migration tool. WordPress wasn’t working. After a little digging it looks like the users from the old database didn’t really migrate. So after setting up the WordPress User account again things worked no problem. With that complete, PHPmyAdmin still doesn’t work. Also, Raspberry Pints doesn’t work with the new SHA2 encryption. To help here I reconfigured MySQL for backward compatibility to 5.X. That almost worked, but now I need to go redo all the hacks that I made to get raspberry pints to work the first time.

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