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Just survived a scare, the SD Card in my phone became unrecognized and I was worried that I lost all my camera photos. So my phone died when I was at work so the phone shutdown. When I got in my car I left it on the car charger for just a little while and then tried to turn it on. Apparently I didn’t wait long enough because just as the Android OS booted up the phone died again. Side note, a car charger doesn’t charge a phone faster than it can drain it with the screen and all the antennas on. Later when I got home and charged my phone long enough the SD Card came up and unrecognizable and Android asked if I wanted to format it.

After a few searches and several unsuccessful suggestions I remembered that I have a program, MiniTool Partition Wizard, that might do the trick.  It has an option to scan and repair a partition.  So I ran the scan with detect and repair option selected and it discovered that it was formatted for FAT32 and that the “/” link was bad.  It did some repairs and the presto my SD card was recognizable by Windows 7.  I plugged it back into my phone and life is good again.  I think I’m going to make sure a backup is done tonight…


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Here is a small issue that I ran into.

After upgrading my HTC Evo Shift to Gingerbread I discovered that I could no longer connect my phone to my computer and get to the SD card.  I tried installing the latest HTC Sync software, but that didn’t seem to fix the problem.  I read a few other blogs and then tried getting the latest Android SDK.  After installing that I’m back up and running.  Pretty simple, but pretty annoying.

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