Simple Pints – Initial Release

I had been using Raspberry Pints ported over to my windows server for a while. Getting it installed was a hack job and the database calls never worked right. After upgrading my database and PHP, my Raspberry Pints install stopped working and a reinstall didn’t work either (I was hoping that my upgrades eliminated the need for my hacks, but no luck). Raspberry Pints hasn’t been updated in a few years so rather than figuring out how to do another hack install, I started searching for other options. I came across Kegerface which looked nice and rather than using database is just reads simple csv file.  This worked out of the box, but I kind of liked the Raspberry Pints display better.   This inspired me to mix the simplicity of Kegerface with the display of Raspberry Pints. I started with the raspberry pints code base. Then I cut out the database calls and added in a file read scheme. With a few more tweaks the first working version is online. There is more to do. The code is still messy with old code commented out and random test lines also commented out. Also, I’d like to change up the style.css a bit, but I’m also happy with what is working now.  I’ve named it Simple Pints and posted to to share just in case there is someone else who might find it useful.  Here is my running version


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  1. Roger St. Denis’s avatar

    Welldone Brian.

    I’ve been using Raspberry Pints for some 7 years now.
    Altho some challenges, it’s worked relatively well for me until the past few years.
    Like everyone complains about, upgrading the Raspberry Pi operating system breaks the RPINTS application.
    I really needed to upgrade the operating system to incorporate encryption and a signed certificate- but haven’t been successful.

    While searching for alternatives, I found your 2019 HOMEBREWTALK update.
    I’ve installed your SimplePints and roughly configured it.

    The only thing I miss from the Raspberry Pints application, that I haven’t figured out in SimplePints, is being able to display a background image rather than the default, alternate black & grey background.

    Thanks for making SimplePints available!



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