August Happenings

Hello family and friends!  I created this blog a long time ago with the intentions of sending out monthly updates about Lisa and I.  This will be the first one.  Hopefully I get better at this.

We had a really busy August.  Lisa has a new gym, Equinox, and spends a couple hours a day there.  She is a workout machine.  She has also discovered these protein pancakes…a little weird for me, but she loves them

The first weekend (I think it was the first weekend, this might have actually been in July) Alex and Twee stayed a couple of nights.  This also happened to be the same time that John and Molly were in town.  Friday night was our first visit to the new Manhattan Beach Sharkeez.  I’d have to say I like the old one better as it was more laid back.  We beached it during the day and enjoyed some good burgers at Union Cattle on Saturday night.  John and I got two surf sessions in, the water was nice, but the surf wasn’t anything to talk about…still we had a good time and a few good waves.

The next weekend we did a backpacking trip to Ten Lakes in Yosemite with Tom, Amelia, Suzzane and Paul.  We had amazing weather and the lake was beautiful.  During the second day we went a little off roading to get some awesome views.  What a great trip!

The following weekend my mom came for a visit.   Mom brought the good weather and we had some great beach days, a fun  bike ride to Marina Del Ray Tony P’s,  another fantasic dinner at the Post (discovered by Aunt Jan) and topped the weekend off at the last Hermosa Beach sunset concert

The same weekend Rollie and Jeni were in town.  It was fun to hang out as we hadn’t seen them since our wedding over a year ago.  We had a fun dinner at Frito Misto and good wine thanks to Jeni.  After a good breakfast at Martha’s I had to get back to work.  We are looking forward to visiting them in October.

The next weekend I played in the first annual Aerospace Futsol Soccer tournament.  Futsol is played on an smaller indoor field with a weighted ball that doesn’t bounce.  My team ended up playing four 25 minute games to get into the finals.   The final game was a good game, but we gave up a goal in the last 10 seconds and went to a 5 minute over time.  About 3 minutes into the overtime I rocked a goal in to go up by 1.  We hung on to the last second only to let the other team have a hard shot from the left (same shot that scored to go into overtime) which hit the side post.  We won!  So much fun and I was exhausted, can’t wait until next year.

The next day we went to our friend Fayth’s wedding in Santa Barbara.  It was an outdoor wedding with great weather.  We had a blast and stayed too late.  After the hour and half drive home we finally went to sleep at 1 am.

To finish off August, Lisa has been in her classroom getting it ready and today (8/31) was the first day back.

Its been a crazy busy month, but we have had so much fun.  September is looking a bit slower…thank goodness…though we are heading to Tuscon, Lisa’s college which she hasn’t been to since she graduated and to see Jeff, Michelle, the baby,  and Josie and Abalos.

Well I hope you enjoyed the first update.  I hope everyone is doing well.


–Brian & Lisa

  1. Neil’s avatar

    Cool blog bro, I like the format. Where can I see some pictures of Italy though? Mom and Dad are en route to Madrid/Paris/Amsterdam and hopefully they make it alright. Hope all is well and say hi to Lisa for me.



    1. Brian Thompson’s avatar

      Im working on the long over due Italy photos


    2. Aunt Jan’s avatar

      Loved the pictures. Jeff and I have been doing alot of bike riding. Went to Chama last weekend- nice and cool. We did two mountain passes one day and only one the next day. Legs are good and tired. Off to Santa Fe next month for Wine and Chile. Events include throw down tasting with seminar of Napa vs Sonoma Cab’s, wine maker dinner with Zaca Mesa and Grand Tasting on Saturday with 60+ winneries and resturants trying to out so themselve. No wonder I ride my bike to keep up with the wine. One day I will post the Fiji photos. Had a great time. xox AJ


    3. Leslie’s avatar

      Whew, just makes me tired reading about all the activities. Hope school is going well Lisa. Love mom


      1. Gam’s avatar

        What fun to read—–I have no exciting news to report ,but
        keepsending yours. Love, Gam


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