Setting up UltraVNC

I’ve found UltraVNC to be a great free program to maintain the computers that we have.   I’ve now setup all of our computers to use a fixed IP address and each has their own server port.  Our router now fowards the external port calls to each PC.  I’m now able to log in from outside computer or my phone to the computers.

Recently, when I installed uVNC I ran into a problem where once I was logged in the computer wouldn’t respond to any of my inputs.  I checked the settings and the “Disable user inputs” was not checked.  After quite a while I gave up.  I completely uninstalled uVNC from both computers.

When installing I choose to do a full install, downloaded the mirror and vista drivers (though I don’t know if I really use or need them, and choose to not have it setup as a service but rather application mode instead.

Because it was in application mode I opened up the “Edit Settings” icon that came with uVNC.  This is where I think I discovered the problem.  When the application opened I noticed that it loaded all of the old settings (a good thing), but I noticed that the “Disable user inputs” was selected.   Weird since I know it wasn’t selected beforehand.

Well I started up the server side and logged in on the viewer side.  No problems, everything worked just fine.  From there I selected to load it as a service and now I’m all setup.

A couple of quick notes, make sure that you have the firewall disabled or the proper ports configured correctly.  Related to the last note, make sure your networks are setup with the right type Home or public as the firewall rules run may be different for each type.



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