Cyanogen 7.2.0 Update on my Evo Shift

The stable release of CM 7.2.0 was released on June 16 and of course I jumped right in on day 1 and did an update to my phone. Updating from a previous version is much much much easier than the first install noted in my previous post (Installing a Cyanogen 7 on my Evo Shift). All I had to do was download the image and install the ROM in recovery mode.

For some reason the bluetooth wasn’t working, but after a series of Dalvik Cache resets and phone resets something corrected itself and now everything appears to be working fine.

As for performance I got a 48.487 & 50.716 MFLOPS Single Thread on Linkpack.  On Quadrant I had a 2273.  Both are better than my 7.2 rc2 scores.  I’m sure if I did a compare to Lisa’s phone (stock ROM) it would blow away her scores.  I wonder if she will ever break down and ask me to do an update for her too.

Update 1:  Bluetooth is not fully working.  When a call is initiated by the phone has a crackling sound when the phone initiates the connection. Reported as Cyanogen issue 5349.

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