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Well it turns out Jeep has done a pretty bad job of maintaining the navigation unit software which has been buggy at best.  In our case it is the 730N RHR unit on the Jeep Grand Cherokee  After a lot of searching, mostly in the Jeep Garage website,  I was able to find a person, *sox*,  that hosts the files to upgrade the unit as described in this forum post.

Download the Files

Below is the link, username, and password to get the files.

username: mygig@soxag
password: gasolio

You will be downloading two files.  The software and the gracenotes ISOs.

As many posts point out version 2.169 is really buggy, was never released, and should not be used.  When I wrote this post 2.136 was the latest version to download.  Though I wonder if a new version is on the way since I saw a person post that they have 2.137.  Below is the path to the ISO file

 Home  MyGIG Software Update  Software – Gracenotes update  RHR-RHW-RHP 2011+ 

Next is the gracenotes.  At the time of this post 4118 was the latest version.  Below is the gracenotes file

 Home  MyGIG Software Update  Software – Gracenotes update  Gracenotes update  Gracenotes RHR-RHW-RHP 2011+ 

Once you have the files you can go about installing the files either of two ways: CD or USB

CD Method

If using the CD method many people, including myself, have had success using the free ImgBurn program.  Simply select the ISO file to burn to the CD and done.  Note: only one ISO per CD.

  1. Turn Car On to at least Accy mode. No need to start the ignition.
  2. Press power on 730n
  3. Load CD into CD Drive
  4. Close Door
  5. It can take a minute for the cd to be recognized.  If it isn’t eject the cd and start over on step 3.
  6. See the installation below

USB Method

I haven’t given this option a try but several posts have reported success. You’ll need a 4GB USB drive to do this.

  1. Turn Car On  to at least Accy mode. No need to start the ignition.
  2. Insert USB drive into USB port on radio.
  3. Press power on radio to turn radio off.
  4. Wait 5 to 10 Seconds and power Radio back on.
  5. It can take a minute for the USB drive to be recognized.  If it isn’t start over.


Once it recognized the CD or USB drive you should be prompted to “Proceed with Update”  It will show you the current version and the version it will upgrade to.  Assuming this is what you want press Yes.  The installation took a while, but once it was done you can confirm the upgrade was successful in the System information.


 Parting thoughts

Hope this helps someone.  Turns out our hard drive failed in the unit and Jeep had to replace it.  The techs were suprised to see that my unit was upgraded to the latest version which goes to show how poor Jeep is at keeping the customers up to date.  Since the new hard drive was replaced and with the 2.136 version has been installed the nav unit has been much more stable.

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