Thoughts on coleman xtreme 100qt cooler as a MLT forum

I’ve read that the coleman 70Qt extreme cooler was a great cooler to convert to a MLT, but wanted a little bit larger one. So I got the 100qt version online thinking it would work out the same. On receiving it I’m second guessing my plan. Take a look at these pictures. 

I’m concerned the ridges inside will create a channeling effect when batch sparging. I don’t think the 70Qt version has these. 

The other thing that seems different from the 70Qt version is the drain channel. Pictures from the 70qt version look like there is a distinctive channel (and the sticker on 100qt version looks like it does too). However, the channel appears non-existent and the bottom looks flat (though I haven’t tested to wit the is a slope or not) 

What are your thoughts about the 100qt version? Should I keep it or look for a different cooler?

Thoughts on coleman xtreme 100qt cooler as a MLT

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